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The Value of a Wild Composure Adventure

When considering the cost of a Wild Composure Adventures there are quite a few factors to keep in mind. How much would it cost to do the same trip while staying in a local hotel or cabin? What is the going rate for an outdoor yoga class? Guided hike? How much does the average meal cost in the area? Are you a super saver who usually eats at home? When factoring in the usual cost of tools and materials to make meals and provide lodging for yourself you realize what a great deal a Wild Composure Adventure is. If you're new to camping or recreating in the outdoors, a Wild Composure Adventure will cost you a lot less than it would to get a complete camping/hiking set up. Not quite ready to cowboy camp or play tent origami? A Wild Composure Adventure will have you sleeping and eating in style, even if the weather is a little less than desirable. So what's stopping you, sign up for an excursion today!

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