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We can only truly be experts in our own daily habits and routines. Wild Composure Adventures is my attempt at sharing the activities that have helped me to reduce stress and bring happiness into my life. I hope to help introduce others to stress reducing and inspiring activities such as self reflective periods of yoga, meditation, and time spent in nature.

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Setting aside time for judgement free mental reflection and future speculation has allowed me to realize the value of all of the wonderful possibilities hidden in each moment, interaction, and choice. My hope is for Wild Composure Adventurers to experience these practices in a welcoming environment so that they too might experience unexpected moments of gratitude and happiness in their day to day lives.

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For some yoga, meditation, and a comfort in nature come with a variety of anxieties: Am I flexible enough? How can I possibly sit still for that long? What if I get lost? The formal training I have pursued over the past few years has been my attempt at negating these anxieties and facilitating a rejuvenative experience for each and every participant.

Group Facilitator Certificate Life Coach

Modern research dictates that moving your body is scientifically proven to improve your affect and release mood enhancing neurotransmitters. Becoming a certified yoga instructor has really helped to drive this concept home in my heart. The daily grind can really drag our mood down and practicing yoga as often as possible reminds me that even small, slow movements have the ability to open the door to positivity and comfortability within my own skin.

Yoga Certification Outdoor Yoga Retreat

Continual education in yogic practices with a focus on biomechanics and nutritious movement have helped to equip me with the knowledge necessary to facilitate an enjoyable mobility experience for all participants.

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Because not all forms of yoga or yoga routines will work for those suffering from anxiety, depression, or self-limiting beliefs, it is important for yoga instructors to be familiar with mental health practices and their overlap with the various teachings within yoga.  I love that I obtained my degree in Psychology when I did and that I found yoga along the way.  Mental health and helping others to feel better in their own skin is my passion in life. 

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In each career that I have held, I have used my skill set to assist others in accomplishing their goals from just keeping their family members safe while they pursue their passions to aiding clients in the redirection of their lives to a more beneficial path. The following are some of the many hats I have worn throughout my working career:

  • Substance Abuse Counselor for Adolescents with The Last Resort

  • Yoga Instructor at Escalon Fit and Mountain Om Yoga

  • Substitute Teacher for multiple districts specializing in working with disenfranchised populations.

Recreating in the great outdoors has been a passion of mine from a very young age. In order to help others enjoy this passion of mine while minimizing risks I have obtained certification as a Wilderness First Responder. To ensure these skills do not diminish with lack of use, I have completed 150 hands-on training hours with California East Bay Search and Rescue and am currently an active member with this team, including volunteering time to the Preventative Search and Rescue teams in Yosemite National Park. I hope to help others feel comfortable in overcoming any hesitations about enjoying time in the natural world

Cal ESAR Search and Rescue Member Certif
Wilderness First Responder Cal ESAR PSAR

Single tasking or reducing the amount of external stimuli will almost immediately slow the heart rate and reduce the amount of cortisol circulating through the body for most according to a study conducted by researchers at BioPsychoSocial Medicine The official journal of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. Enter meditation and it’s ability to enhance the all encompassing power of the mind. Meditation for myself, like so many others, was a daunting en devour when I first began practicing. The precontemplation of what was expected to be experienced during the meditative process was a major hindrance in my practice. Once I let go of the expectation of something happening, the wonderful gifts of meditation began to arrive. Now I find myself craving moments of serenity, peace, and often quiet in a world full of constant stimulation.

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Composing The Wild Of Life Into An Enjoyable Adventure

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