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What is the Grow Beyond Microdosing Program?

Service Description

Upcoming: 8-Week Microdosing Program | May 15th, 2024. Welcome to a brighter future with the Grow Beyond Microdosing Program. Begin your transformative experience with us today! Schedule a Welcome Session to address any questions and kick-start the program. Start your own Microdosing Cycle to promote a profound change in your life. Discover meaninful insights, initiate emotional healing and catalyze your personal growth with our meticulously designed program. Our 4 to 12-weeks program provides steadfast support throughout your microdosing cycle. Begin your journey with a virtual meeting with Pamela, a screening interview to tailor the program to your needs. Preparation Sessions equip you with the tools for success, while the microdosing cycle fosters personal growth. Conclude the Program with a 'Integration Insights' Session for extracting the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program into everyday life. With up to 7 one-on-one sessions, the Program will provide you with a personalized microdosing protocol and access to therapeutic benefits of psilocybin. The program ensures that you safely navigate the microdosing experience with a focus on therapeutic benefits. Whether you're new to microdosing or a seasoned explorer, our program welcomes individuals aged 25 and older seeking emotional healing, inner transformation and life improvement. Program Includes: - Personal guidance for preparation prior to the commencement of the microdosing cycle. - In-Progress 1-on-1 sessions and troubleshooting with your microdosing mentor. - Final session providing valuable insights and strategies for integrating the program's teachings into participants' daily routines. - Workbook for Microdosing. - Monthly online yoga session. - Monthly guided meditation session. Additional Bonus: - Personalized practice sets designed to enrich your Personal Growth. - Invitation for Buddhist Meetings (in-person Bay Area or virtual TBD). - Invitation to Walk & Talk Hikerdose - in person gathering in Spring time. - There will be space to discuss access to the natural compound in decriminalized areas in the U.S. Investiment for this Program: Single payment - $ 987 (Receive a 10% discount on the program fee by being 70 y.o. or above, or by purchasing 2 weeks in advance). Payment Plan - $1000 2 quotes of $500 (First invoice will be sent before the first session. Second invoice will be sent before the second session). Visit the Personal Guidance webpage for more information or to sign up!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel, contact us at least 24 hours before the session and we can reschedule with no additional fees.

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