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Yoga, Meditation, and Happiness go hand in hand

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

“ Successful gurus like Tony Robbins and Ghandi, use meditation to unlock their hidden potentials and manifest destinies for themselves ”

Yoga has the ability to change your brain instantly

If may not take as long as you think for yoga to help you ditch those low down blues. A study published in Science Daily, suggested that GABA (gamma-amniobutyric)

brainwave activity increased dramatically following a one hour yoga session. A decrease in levels of depression and anxiety is often correlated with an increase in GABA levels. Keep in mind, that next yoga class just might actually turn that frown upside down, from the inside out.

If you don't use it, you lose it!

As with any new skill, those who practiced yoga more frequently, reported a greater and more consistent level of happiness and health. Biochemical feedback can be witnessed with the institution of a daily yoga practice. Anger, fatigue, and anxiety are some of the first less than favorable habits to hit the road when yoga is integrated into each day. A regular yoga practice is a wonderful ally to better mental and physical health.

Take a Deep Breath and Smile

Building the heat or dropping in, all yoga styles encompass some form of breathwork and mind, body connection practice. The practice of breath regulation has the ability to lower circulating levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, and allow practitioners to settle into the here and now. This sense of anchored presence and lowered levels of cortisol both contribute to a greater sense of happiness.

Moody Spine: Your Posture says it all

Our poor posture can lead to a spoiled mood, before the thought can even fully form. The remedy to this is simple, change your posture, change your tune. Yoga strengthens that brain-body communication highway, allowing for a better flow of positive thoughts and postures.

Straighten your mood Did you know that your posture is related to your mood? It is, and although we tend to think of sadness as causing slumping rather than vice-versa, it turns out that changing your posture can change your mood. Yoga of all types strengthens that brain-body connection where the body sends messages to the brain that make it feel strong and positive, so don't wait to lengthen your spine and stand up straight!

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