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Wilderness Through the Pages: Book Club Discussion Events

What is Wilderness Through the Pages?

It is the Wild Composure Adventure version of a modern day book club. Reading material preferences vary from minute to minute and person to person. As such, this book club aims to encourage a continued love of reading and valuable material discussions, by means of an open forum style monthly meeting.

The commonality in book club attendees comes in the form of a love for expanding critical thinking processes by means of escape through an author's lived experiences or imagination, encapsulated in the pages of a book. We can't wait for you to join us and share your current and all time favorite reads! Join us monthly in person or through a zoom chat to see what books have been popular with our members and feel free to share your current engaging reads.

Can't commit to a certain date, but want to contribute to the conversation? Head on over to our Book club discussion forum, here on the Wild Composure Adventures website. Join like minded individuals in keeping the spark of passion for reading alive and well. Help us create a community to support these engaging, explorative, and encouraging endeavors for future readers.

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