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CBD Lotion from Leaning Arrow Ranch

Keriann Smith is the leading lady at Leaning Arrow Ranch. She along with her husband, Jake, and their three precious children, run an industrial hemp farm and cattle ranch in Oregon. They strive to bring quality products to market and enjoy passing along the homegrown and homemade value with each sale.

As far as CBD topicals go, this one is my absolute favorite! The lotion goes on smooth and doesn't leave me with a greasy feeling afterward. My sciatica pain dissipates shortly after rubbing some onto my lower back. The best feeling of all is knowing that while I'm helping myself (treating my reoccurring pain), I'm also helping to uplift a family that means the world to me.

If you are suffering from issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, or eczema, send an email to Leaning Arrow Ranch and order a bottle of L.A.R. CBD lotion today. Or head on over to their Instagram and send Kerianne a direct message!

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